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Green Building and Design

Meet with us before you start your project to implement Green Building practices right from the beginning.


Verification Services under the NGBS

Certification under the ICC700 / NGBS is key to differentiation.  For this a third party is necessary to verify all of the “Green” features of the home.  This consists of two inspections—one after insulation and one at CO.  You may be “Greener” than you think call Joe today to schedule a free scoring to the NGBS!

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Certified Construction Review

Weekly inspections of the site’s sediment and stormwater controls accompanied by a weekly report sent to the regulating agency to include a pdf picture document which captures the site’s true state at the time of the visit.  Our CCR’s have been on every kind of site, let us be there to protect your interests.


Wetlands Consulting

Wetlands monitoring, delineations, mitigation monitoring and help with the Army Corp, let our experts help you with your wetlands issues.













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